Here at Northwind, our staff have a combined 20+ years of aerospace and composite manufacturing experience.  With this experience we are able to provide a full tooling fabrication service for our customers.  We can help you with your tooling design needs or fabricate based upon your dataset.  This includes production molds, plugs, prototype molds, and assembly fixtures.

We are able to directly machine any material up through steel between our 3-axis CNC mill and CNC router.  We have experience milling a variety of tooling materials including urethane foams, high density filled urethane block, epoxy tooling board, and aluminum.  If you are unsure what makes the most sense for your project, we will be happy to help you down select the best material for your specific needs.

In addition to directly machining tooling, we produce composite production molds.  We have a couple of systems we prefer depending on the application from syntactic epoxy compounds to autoclave capable vacuum infused resins.  We can utilize prepreg for tooling but our oven currently limits to roughly a 4ft x 4ft x 3.5ft envelope.


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