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Update, 10/9/23 – We offered our first sunroof delete, the S13 coupe, in 2011 and for the last 12 years we’ve been honored to be part of so many incredible and beautiful builds.  However, as with all things in life, times have changed and so is our business.  It is with a heavy heart that we’ve decided to wind down our dedicated clean room and focus on our R&D, prototyping, machining, and engineering side of the business.

Please note that we will continue to support all our existing customers and fielded units.  If you have any questions regarding your current deletes please let us know.

We are no longer taking new orders and once inventory is sold, that will be that.

If anyone is interested in carrying the line for the community, please feel free to reach out as the molds are in excellent shape and are for sale – $14,000 for all the molds and tooling we have.  We’ll be happy to help get you setup with all the details on how to make these as well.

Thank you to everyone for the opportunity to support you and be a part of your projects.



If you would like to place an order directly with us, please send us an email,, with your name and shipping information.

Remaining Inventory:
Acura 04′-08′ TSX, Qty 1, $455.00
Audi 12′-18′ A6/S6, Qty 2, $455.00
Nissan S13 Hatch, Qty 1, $455.00


  • Acura 02′-06′ RSX Sunroof Delete… 1-300-1010… Out of inventory
  • Acura 04′-08′ TSX Sunroof Delete… 1-300-1020… $455.00
  • Audi 96′-01′ A4/S4 Sunroof Delete… 1-500-1010… Out of inventory
  • Audi 12′-18′ A6/S6 Sunroof Delete…  1-500-1020… $450.00
  • Ford 79′-93′ Mustang Foxbody Sunroof Delete…  1-600-1010… Out of inventory
  • Honda 7th Gen 02′-05′ Civic Si Sunroof Delete… 1-300-2010… Out of inventory
  • Honda 8th Gen 06′-11′ Civic Si Coupe/Sedan Sunroof Delete… 1-300-2020… Out of inventory
  • Honda 9th Gen 12′-15′ Civic Si Sedan Sunroof Delete… 1-300-2030… Out of inventory
  • Nissan 88′-94′ S13 Coupe Sunroof Delete… 1-200-1020… Out of inventory
  • Nissan 88′-94′ S13 Hatch Sunroof Delete… 1-200-1050… $455.00
  • Nissan 95′-99′ S14 Sunroof Delete… 1-200-1030… Out of inventory
  • Nissan 88′-94′ S13 Coupe Trunk Lid… 1-200-1100… Out of inventory
  • Subaru 89′-94′ BC/BF Legacy Sunroof Delete… 1-100-1010… Out of inventory
  • Subaru BC/BF Legacy Hood, Post-Facelift… 1-100-1200…  Out of inventory
  • Subaru BC Legacy Trunk Lid, Post Facelift… 1-100-1300… Call For Details
  • Subaru 03′-09′ BP Legacy Sunroof Delete… 1-100-1040… Out of inventory
  • Subaru 94′-97′ SVX Sunroof Delete… 1-100-1050… Out of inventory
  • Subaru 93′-01′ GC Impreza Sunroof Delete… 1-100-1050… Out of inventory
  • Subaru 04′-07′ GD Impreza WRX Sunroof Delete… 1-100-1060… Out of inventory
  • Subaru 08′-14′ WRX/STi Sunroof Delete… 1-100-1070… Out of inventory
  • Subaru 15′-20′ WRX/STi Sunroof Delete… 1-100-1080… Out of inventory


** We have found that Nissan has two different sunroof sizes for the S14.  They are the same contour, just sized roughly 0.5in different.  One is 34-9/16 x 15-1/16 and the other is 34-1/16 x 14-11/16.  These are the chassis opening sizes.  Please specific which size you need when you order so we can ensure we trim the correct size for you.


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