Our Capabilities

Process Capabilities:

Wet Layup

Legacy Hood Wet Layup

  • Standard wet layup, open cure and vacuum bag
  • Vacuum assisted resin infusion
  • Low/mid/high temp cure capabilities, Room Temperature -350°F
  • Prepreg cure capabilities, 350° F max
  • High temperature composite tool design and fabrication
  • Basic/standard repair processes, non-structural
    • Ply scarfing
    • Core repair
    • Wet resin repair
    • Prepreg hot repair
    • Lightning strike mesh repair
Hotbonder Repair

High Temp Localized Repair


  • Layup and Cure
    • 1,300 sq.ft dedicated clean room
    • (3) layup tables – (2) 4ft x 8ft, (1) 6ft x 10ft
    • (2) 11-roll fabric racks *standard stock of carbon, fiberglass, Kevlar®, and multiple vacuum bagging options
    • 62in x 28in x 35in Chest freezer, digitally monitored
    • (2) Dual diaphragm vacuum pump, 25inHg capable
      • A shop pump and a portable pump for onsite work
    • 160-180°F heat room, 5ft deep x 9ft long x 7ft tall
    • Heatcon HCS9000B Single Zone Hotbonder, NIST calibrated
      • Multiple blankets sizes, including stretchable blankets up to 2ft x 2ft
    • PID controlled oven, 350°F max, internal dimensions – 4ft x 3.5ft x 3.5ft, NIST calibrated
  • Sand and Trim
    • 1,400 sq.ft dedicated trim and assembly
    • 49in x 98in x 12in 3-axis CNC router, +/-.010in precision
    • Traditional manual mill
    • Standard air trim tooling
    • Basic woodworking capabilities
    • Various trim routers and hand tools
    • Standard precision hand measurement tools

      On Site Custom Trim Tool Fabrication

      On Site Custom Trim Tool Fabrication

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