Our Capabilities

Northwind is able to provide a large range of laminate cure processing options as well as a post cure and general machining capabilities.  We are not a high volume production facility but instead are focused be able to support quick turn processing on small custom jobs, low volume production, and R&D projects.  We specialize in helping our customers work through the entire process from initial design, through tooling, and finally part fabrication.  Our shop is setup to be able to respond quickly to your needs and we are capable of supporting almost all aspects of the job in-house on minimize the number of vendors you rely on for your project.

Cure Process Capabilities:

  • 1,300 sq.ft. dedicated clean room
  • Standard wet layup, open cure and vacuum bag
  • Vacuum assisted resin infusion
  • Low/mid/high temp cure capabilities
  • Prepreg cure capabilities, 350° F max
    • Oven 4ft x 3.5ft x 3.5ft internal dimensions
    • NIST calibrated hotbonder
  • High temperature composite tool design and fabrication
  • Basic/standard repair processes, non-structural
    • Ply scarfing
    • Core repair
    • Wet resin and prepreg capable
    • Lightning strike mesh repair

Post Cure and Machining Processing Capabilities:

  • 1,400 sq.ft. dedicated trim and assembly
  • Custom 4-axis CNC router, 99in x 49in x 18in working envelope
    • 15in dia x 80in long capacity on the rotary axis
  • Haas VF-2SS 3-axis CNC mill, 30in x 16in x 20in working envelope
  • 12in x 6in x 10in traditional manual mill
  • 12in x 37in bench lathe
  • 10ft x 10ft x 8ft paint booth
  • Standard hand trim and finish tooling

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