Northwind Composites focuses primarily on designing and manufacturing exceptional parts.  However, we know things break and we do like to get our hands sticky in the repair world.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to discuss your repair needs.


Wrenches get dropped, track off’s occur, and life happens.  Northwind will be happy to discuss your automotive repair needs as they pertain to our parts.  We recognize that the aftermarket world is filled with many different composite pieces made by many different companies.  However, we cannot control the integrity of their designs and construction.  Therefore, we respectively decline automotive repair work on any components other than those we originally designed and manufactured.


Northwind is tooled and equipped to handle a wide range of aerospace composite repairs to support the general aviation community.  These capabilities allow us to repair most non-primary structure composites, including those with lightning strike protection systems.  We are able to perform basic wet repairs, vacuum bagged repairs, core replacement, and prepreg hot repairs.  Please see our Capabilities page for additional details.


As we personally enjoy the marine world, we would like to offer our repair capabilities to those with existing personal watercraft – wind, paddle, and motor powered.

All of our marine composite repairs will occur at one of two locations – at our shop or at your dock.  We are currently limiting ourselves to boats less than 26ft and Northwind does not offer transportation services.  Additionally, we specialize in structural repairs and not aesthetic coatings.  Please be aware that you will be responsible for gel coating, painting, or other finishing work.  We apologize for the lack of finishing capabilities but we believe staying focused on our core competencies ensures our customers receive our highest quality repair work.

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