Price List

Northwind sells our products through Ebay, private owned shops, and direct to our customers.  See the list below for pricing of our standard items.  Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to place an order.  Northwind can accept checks and credit cards but our preferred method of payment is through PayPal.  All prices are subject to change.

Prices updated July 2019 – We have worked hard to hold prices since 2016.  However, shipping and material costs have risen and so we have had to update our pricing.  Pricing no longer reflects flat rate shipping though we are working to establish a better shipping solution to bring back flat rate prices.  Until further notice all automotive prices will have shipping costs added.  Thank you for understanding.


– Acura 02′-06′ RSX Sunroof Replacement… 1-300-1010-00… $300.00
– Acura 02′-06′ RSX Sunroof Delete… 1-300-1010-01… $300.00

– Audi 96′-01′ A4/S4 Sunroof Replacement… 1-500-1010-00… $285.00
– Audi 96′-01′ A4/S4 Sunroof Replacement… 1-500-1010-01… $285.00

– Nissan S13 Coupe Sunroof Replacement, Small… 1-200-1010-00… $275.00
– Nissan S13 Coupe Sunroof Delete, Small… 1-200-1010-01… $275.00
– Nissan S13 Coupe Sunroof Replacement, Large… 1-200-1020-00… $275.00
– Nissan S13 Coupe Sunroof Delete, Large… 1-200-1020-01… $275.00
– Nissan S14 Coupe Sunroof Replacement… 1-200-1030-00… $270.00 **
– Nissan S14 Coupe Sunroof Delete… 1-200-1030-01… $270.00 **
– Nissan S13 Coupe Trunk Lid… 1-200-1100-00… Approx. $400, Call For Details

– Subaru BC/BF Legacy Sunroof Replacement… 1-100-1010-00… $285.00
– Subaru BC/BF Legacy Sunroof Delete… 1-100-1010-01… $285.00
– Subaru BP Legacy Sunroof Replacement… 1-100-1040-00… $330.00
– Subaru BP Legacy Sunroof Delete… 1-100-1040-01… $330.00
– Subaru BC/BF Legacy Hood, Post-Facelift… 1-100-1200-00…  Call For Details


– Carbon Fly Rod Fishing Case, 1.5in diameter… 3-100-1010-XX, $180.00, Please Specify Case Length

** We have found that Nissan has two different sunroof sizes for the S14.  They are the same contour, just sized roughly 0.5in different.  One is 34-9/16 x 15-1/16 and the other is 34-1/16 x 14-11/16.  These are the chassis opening sizes.  Please specific which size you need when you order so we can ensure we trim the correct size for you.

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