Subaru BC/BF Legacy Hood

The mold that started it all…. A race hood for 92′-94′ BC/BC Subaru Legacy.  This is a ‘post facelift’ hood and will not fit the 89′-91′ Legacies.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Version 1: Fiberglass Only
This version is meant to be the most economical composite hood option. It is 100% fiberglass. It is intended to be used in Auto-X type applications where speeds will be generally lower and a trade-off is being made by the customer to sacrifice a little weight for price. All of the primary structure and reinforcements will be fiberglass.

Version 2: Carbon Outer Ply, Fiberglass Structure, Carbon Reinforcements
This version is meant to be the next step up. The outer ply, what will be visible from the outside, will be 2×2 twill carbon fiber. This is the same carbon as the sunroof inserts are made from. The rest of the primary structure will be fiberglass. There are specific local reinforcements within the layup to provide stiffness/strength around the edges, anticipated latch locations, and hinges. These reinforcements will be made from carbon for this version. This version is meant to be an intermediate step for those that want the aesthetic look of carbon and increased stiffness. This is still intended for the Auto-X/Rally-X type applications.

Version 3: All Carbon
This is the full race spec version – all carbon, strongest, lightest, and coolest. This is what is recommended for time attack/open track style racing applications. The base design is the same as Version 1 and Version 2 except that all the plies are carbon.

Version 2 and Version 3 are available with a colored hybrid carbon/Kevlar first ply. There will be a small “PITA” charge associated with dealing with the Kevlar and the additional wear it creates on tools.

Hood Scoops
Currently there are two options – the existing molded in scoop that is shown in the pictures or a molded in recess that matches the size of the existing SS scoop to allow mounting of your own scoop. There is no cost difference between these two options.

The hoods are designed with the intention that they will be mounted with hood pins or latches in the front corners and do not offer a system to work with the factory hood release. The rear of the hood may be mounted in a variety of ways.

My personal hood uses two Aerocatch latches in the front and custom/modified hinges the rear. The base laminate design has reinforcement plies in the front and rear corners as the front is intended to be held down with Aerocatches or hood pins. The rear can also be held down with Aerocatches or hood pins.

That said, there are special threaded inserts that can be bonded into core to allow you to bolt things down. This is the arrangement I have with mine. I can install bonded in threaded inserts, four at each corner, for a cost of $40.00. These inserts allow easy mounting of a hinge bracket. It works well but it does require some light fab skills in making the hinge.

Please see our pricing sheet for standard rates – Price List

We can install threaded inserts in the rear for an additional $40.00

The colored kevlar first ply PITA charge is an additional $20.00.

Special Order
Simply put – money talks and I can work with you to get you exactly what you need if you have something unique and exciting you’re wanting.

Scoop 3Latch Close







More pictures on the way…. Hang tight and check us out at BBS Legacy Central in the Vendor forum for more details and discussion.




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